Hello! I am Jim and I am writing about all the stuff I have. So far I have written about 42 items. You can read more about this project here


Ever wonder how much stuff you have?

I mean: all your stuff. Every pen, extension cord, battery - you name it. I bet it’s a lot. For some of us probably too much. But how much? Just how many items are we talking about here?

A hundred? A thousand? Ten Thousand? (Please don’t let it be ten thousand)

I’m going to find out. If I can buy it on Amazon I am going to write about it. Some may be reviews of stuff I like, and yet some stuff has a story I want to share. And I hope that there’s some stuff I don’t need at all and I can get rid of by either selling or just giving it away.

I guess you could call this my stuff journey. I wanted to start a blog - and yet what to write about? The fact that I had a tuna sandwich for lunch? Yea, no.

This might not be much more interesting than the tuna sandwich but this is a hobby site - it’s something I can work on after the kiddo is in bed and the house is quiet.

I can guarantee right now that there will not be daily updates becuase this is a hobby and not a job. I have had jobs that turned into hobbies before and they suck because well, now they are a job. I am trying to avoid this.

I guess a few caveats apply: If it’s personal in nature of course I will not write about it. Just like Trump, you’re not going to see my tax returns. :) but pretty much else is fair game for writing about. Socks, kitchen knives - you name it - eventually I will get around to it.

I am hoping the topics I have to write about should evenutally end. I should one day run out of stuff to write about. At least I hope so. If not, then I have a problem and that’s another topic altogether.

I’m curious to see if:

A. I will keep at it. B. I will make any money with this site. C. I will get any readers D. When it will end? How much stuff do I really have.

That’s it. I didn’t think I had too much stuff until you start to think about it and realize that yes I do have a lot of stuff.