I’ve never been a fan of writing about pages because between the name of the site and what’s on the front page - it should be pretty obvious.

But, if you’re new here:

Wayyy back in the 1990’s and into the 2000’s and beyond I used to track ram prices here. In the heyday when it was all about the desktop PC and notebook were the domain of the well-off still there were lots of stores selling ram.

And they all differed in prices. Sometimes dramatically for the exact same thing. And I tracked all the ram for all the Apple models (and some PC’s) for years and years. I think I was close to tracking prices for over 50 vendors at one point.

Then came the MacBook Air.

This computer was the very first apple compouter not to include upgradeable ram. And over the years, other models followed suit and now there are very few current models that you can actually upgrade the RAM on. Even the Mac Mini now does not offer upgradeable ram.

The only Macs that are left I think from the Apple lineup are the bigger iMac models and the Mac Pro.


Over time a lot of the computer vendors closed up shop or in some cases switched to selling on other marketplaces like Amazon or eBay but only a few of the original memory vendors I used to track ram prices still exist today.

Yes, you can still upgrade older Macs but over time these become more and more obsolete and as you can imagine the demand for ram for these older computers from Apple have also decreased - for various reasons.

I have now stopped tracking ram prices because there are so few vendors selling memory upgrades - the prices are much cheaper and they all seem to price them at about the same price anyway. It makes no sense for me to continue to monitor prices that don’t change often anyway. Also, there’s Amazon - in most cases they tend to have the best prices on ram anyway.

For those looking for ram upgrades for older Macs I still list on the front page ram upgrades for every model, memory type and even year of Mac so there’s still a good chance when you come here you will find what you’re looking for. Older Macs can still have a very useful life and if you max out the memory and add a SSD Drive you can usually squeeze even a bit more life out of them.

I don’t want to give up entirely on this site though, but it stopped being my main source of income long ago and is now once again a hobby site.

But I still like to shop. And when I started this site back in 1997 I asked one question: How Much?.

I have decided to continue to ask this question and write about my findings on other producst instead of just ram. I like to write (once I finally get started or find the time) and I like to know how much stuff costs.

I plan to research the cost of stuff. It might be the cost of snowblowers, or wiper blades or winter boots (things I have researched recently for my self) and I figure if I’m researching this stuff I may as well share my findings.

Who knows - maybe somebody else will like what I find. There is a lot of stuff out there besides just from Apple and a lot of it I don’t know about or would have no idea what it all costs. I plan to change that - educate myself and post my findings here.

I will be linking to some products that you can buy from Amazon in my research and full disclaimer - if you click on a link and you get taken to Amazon - I make a small commission if you buy something while you’re there and if you do buy something let me thank you in advance.

Unlike in previous years, all this site costs me is the time to write. I don’t pay for hosting. Those days are over.

I also don’t post ads that track you or annoy you. The web has become a cesspool and I will admit that in past years I have waded into the pool in hopes of making some money but now the reward for me is to have written. anything.

This site is free, fast and I could care less about your browsing habits. Heck, I don’t even have stats of who visits.

I do ask you to check out my current sponsors listed at the top of the page because they do pay for the space and have been in business selling ram since the mid-90’s if not longer. If you are looking to buy ram these are the good guys that sell and support quality products.

I look forward to the next chapter of ramseeker.com. I had a lot of fun in the close to 20 years I have been doing this and I hope to continue writing here for years to come yet.

Thanks, Jim

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