Firefox Startup Times

This is interesting, and kind of makes me want to have another look at firefox again for  a browser. There was a time when the first thing you did to a new computer was to install firefox.

I took my 1691 tab browser profile, and did a wall-clock measurement of start-up time and memory use for Firefox versions 20, 30, 40, and 50 through 56.These are my personal results. You might not get the same results. If you test 1691 (or even 1692) tabs and find something totally different, I’d love to hear about it.

Source: Dietrich Ayala – Dietrich Ayala

 Array Themes

I have bought a theme from these guys to try out and I always liked what they do as they offer simple wordpress themes that look very nice and without the bloat that some complicated themes might

Array provides the most beautiful, easy-to-use premium WordPress themes to help launch your portfolio, photography site, blog or business.

Source: Pixel-perfect Premium WordPress Themes by Array Themes

Download the best Mac apps : MacUpdate

I know that with the app store downloading and updating the apps for the Mac is not as hard, but there are still a lot of apps out there that are not on the app store and MacUpdate tracks them all, and more.

Download, install, and explore the latest versions of the best Mac apps. Find your new favorite Mac app today at MacUpdate!

Source: Download the best Mac apps : MacUpdate

FastMail: Professional email hosting

Secure, reliable email hosting for businesses, families and professionals. Premium email with no ads, excellent spam protection and rapid personal support.

Source: FastMail: Professional email hosting

The problem I have found with having a server for your wordpress site is you lose an eMail server. I’ve tried using Go Daddy for email hosting but I never liked it.

Then I stumbled across fastmail and it suits me just fine. It costs me a few bucks a month but they offer both a web-based and apps for your phone too.

It’s seemingly working just fine and I don’t have to think about email any more

G5 Center

The Power Mac G5 was one of the last PowerPC machines Apple produced and sold. It remains a capable computer today. This website is dedicated to the venerable machine, providing users with information on available hardware and software choices for their G5.

I always wanted to own one of these Macs and never got the chance when they were current. But now they are a lot cheaper and this site has lots of resource how to make the best out of Apple’s PowerPC desktop for Pros

Link: G5 Center