Jim Writes Hello! I am Jim and I am writing about all the stuff I have. So far I have written about 46 items. You can read more about this project here

Stabilo Write 4 All

I think I bought this for when I was burning CD’s and I needed a marker for writing the song or album info. Of course, those days are long gone with spotify and the like so this isn’t really needed and I doubt it will get replaced. They cost about $1.50 each.

Office Trash Can

I think every home office has one of these and I am no exception. You need some place to toss your junk and this would do the trick. I’m surprised at how much these cost as $15.00 plus seems a lot for what it is but I’m not really up on prices for trash cans so maybe that’s how much they cost.

Sharpie Pen

The Sharpie Pen is not really my preference for a pen as I prefer a ball point but if you need a small fine sharpie then this is the one. They seem kind of pricey for what they are so this is one more thing that’s not getting replaced any time soon.

Precision Screwdriver Kit

I have better precision screwdrivers now so I think that this will get tossed as I no longer have a use for it. But for six bucks if you need a small set of screwdrivers you could do worse. I have used these for a good ten years and they have never failed me. My big problem is they get lost or misplaced over time, but you might have better luck.

Precision Hobby Knife

I didn’t even know I had this! I guess this is more for use for crafters and the like and I rarely have a use for it so I might just toss this too in my effort to get rid of some stuff. If you do need one of these they are only about $7.00.

Pen Cup

It’s a cup that hold pens. There’s not much more to say about this. The one I have is a little fancier than this one actually but it does the same thing - holds pens. I have found that these can be a PITA because you end up tossing memory cards and thumb drives and other small things in there and then you have to remove all the pens to fish them out.

Bic Round Stic Pen Blue Medium

If I had to pick one pen it would be these. Bic Round Stic Blue Medium Pens. They are cheap at about five bucks a box and even though I am apt to lose pens I find a box of these last me for a pretty long time. I know there are those that are pen collectors but I just don’t get it as I rarely do any actual writing any more and these do the trick just fine for pennies each.