About ramseeker

A long, long time ago before there was mobile phones and laptop computers were the same size as an SUV I used to compare ram prices because RAM was expensive and there were a lot of different prices and vendors from which to choose.

This is no longer the case because for the most part there’s Amazon (which BTW, just sold books when I started this site) if you do need RAM but I bet that the computer you are reading this on (or, mobile device) can’t take a RAM upgrade anyway.

To summarize, the demand for computer memory has pretty much dried up.


There sure are a lot of other things I have no idea what they cost and that’s my new mission – to learn about different products and their cost. It could be about computers like RAM and hard drives or similar computer acessories or it could be about what it cost for a racoon cage (about $50.00).

I figure this should keep me busy for a while.

If you are looking for ram your best bet is to use the search function to search for ram for you computer but for the near future this is the direction I am going with this site as it gives me a never ending list of topics to write about and learn what they cost.