Hello! I am Jim and I am writing about all the stuff I have. So far I have written about 42 items. You can read more about this project here

Amazon Fire HD 10 2017

I was given a hundred dollar Amazon gift card a few years back so I picked up this tablet. It’s ..fine. It’s no iPad, but it was on sale for $100 when I bought it so it costs a third of the price. It’s not the fastest and you’re limited to the Amazon ecosystem unless you hack it but for the price and what you do using tablet, it’s great for my uses a kindle reader, spotify remote or music player - and for a music player it sounds really great for the price.

Dell P2317h Professional 23 inch Monitor

In addtion to my Asus monitor I also use this Dell monitor too as a secondary monitor. Currently I use it mostly as a big baby monitor so I can keep an eye on the little one while she’s in bed. These sell new for about $250.00 but I paid much, much less. I bought these as a pair used, but one got broken during shipping so I ended up keeping the good monitor an only paying the $20.00 shipping fee for the one that made it. I think a $20 Dell monitor is a pretty good price to pay. You can find these used for about $100

USB A to USB Cable

I know for a fact that I have more than one of these in a drawer because you never know when you need one of these to hook up some peripheral to your computer. These cables are commonly used to connect a printer via USB but some peripherals use this cable too like my Topping D10 DAC. Price is about $7.00 for these.

Topping D10 USB DAC

I’ve gone through a few DACs and if was being completly honest they all sound just about the same. I like this particular one though as it has both optical and COAX out in addtion to RCA. This allows me to use 2 amplifiers with just one DAC. This DAC sells for about $80.00 new.

Status Audio CB-1 Over the Ear Headphones

I needed a pair of closed-back over ear headphones and these were cheap enough and got good reviews so here they are. They are fine. These are the headphones I use when I don’t want to be disturbed or disturb others with my music or movies. My only complaint with these is that they feel more like on-ears on my big head and they are not the most comfortable headphone I have ever bought. These Headphones are Priced at about $55.00 usually.

Monster RCA Cables

Don’t get sucked into the monster brand like I did and just buy these instead. These Amazon Basics RCA CAbles are cheap at about 10.00 and do the job just fine. Save your money on fancy cables and buy music instead.

Monolith Liquid Spark Headphone Amplifier

The Monolith Liquid Spark Headphone Amplifier is really all the headphone amplifier you really need as it’s powerful enough and quiet enough. The volume knob is one of the best feeling knobs on an amp I have heard and it’s well built. These sell for about $110.00 new but used ones pop up all the time on Amazon for much less.

USB A male to USB micro b cable

I have an entire drawer full of these in certain lengths and manufacturers and yet I can’t get rid of them yet as in this day and age not all my devices have gone to USB-C so I can’t pitch these yet. Off the top of my head, I know my Amazon Fire Tablets still use this cable for charging. It’s a good thing this cable is cheap at about $7.00

1/8 to 1/8 Aux Cable

The last cable I am writing about for today (don’t worry, there’s more) is a 1/8 to 1/8 aux cable. This is another cable to have in your junk drawer for just in case times. I know bluetooth is king these days but for those of us without bluetooth but with an AUX input, this cable allows us to connect our phones to the car stereo and makes the drive more bearable. This could be best 7 bucks I have ever spent!

Asus VS239-H 23 inch IPS Monitor

I researched and researched for a cheap IPS monitor and this one fit the bill. It’s big enough, bright enough and sharp enough. I’m not a gamer so the other stuff doesn’t really matter like refresh rate. For general computer use you could do worse. Priced at about $120.00