1999 Apple Memory Upgrades

1999 Apple Computer Memory Upgrades

Model Processor Speed Year Max RAM Check Prices
12” iBook G3 ‘Clamshell’ PowerPC G3 300Mhz 1999 576mb 144Pin PC100 SODIMM
PowerBook G3 ‘Bronze’ PowerPC G3 333-400Mhz 1999 512MB 144Pin PC100 SODIMM
PowerMac G4 ‘Yikes’ PowerPC G4 350-400Mhz 1999 1GB 168Pin PC100 SDRAM
PowerMac G4 ‘AGP’ PowerPC G4 350-500Mhz 1999 2GB 168Pin PC100 SDRAM
PowerMac G3 ‘Blue and White’ PowerPC G3 300-450Mhz 1999 1GB 168Pin PC100 SDRAM
iMac PowerPC G3 350-700MHz 1999-2001 1GB 168 Pin PC100 DDR


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