Apple MacBook Pro 13.3″ LED Intel i5-3210M Core 2.5GHz 4GB 500GB Laptop MD101LLA 

The Apple MacBook Pro 13.3″ LED Intel i5-3210M Core 2.5GHz 4GB 500GB Laptop MD101LLA sells for about $600.00

This 2012 non-retina Macbook Pro is a bit on the old side now but it’s still got a lot of life left if you added a few upgrades:


2012 MacBook Pro RAM

This MacBook Pro ships with just 4GB of RAM but it can accept at least double to 8GB with ease for about $50.00

2012 MacBook Pro Drive Upgrades

You have 2 options when it comes to upgrading the 2012 MacBook Pro Hard Drives:

  1. Add a spinning hard drive to at least double the capacity to 1TB of storage if not more. This is a pretty cheap upgrade at about $50.00
  2. Add a SSD Drive. This is much faster than a regular drive and although you don’t get the capacity of the spinner, you do gain a lot of speed making the MacBook Pro much faster. SSD Drives are about $100 for 256GB models and $200 for 500Gb capacity

Other 2012 MacBook Pro Upgrades

As this is an older MacBook Pro you might want to consider a few upgrades other than RAM and storage:

Get a replacement power cord. These cost about $30.00.

Get a new battery. Battery life on a 5 year old computer is bound to be worse than at release time. You’re good to go with a replacement though at about $30.00

Lastly, don’t forget to protect your MacBook Pro from bumps and scratches with a protective sleeve and if you need more screen real estate adding a second monitor is a great way to increase your productivity too.

some resources:
RAM Upgrade Instructions

Hard Drive Upgrade Instructions


Apple MacBook Air 13.3″ LED – Intel Core i5 – 8GB RAM – 128GB Storage MMGF2LL/A 

This MacBook Air from 2015 tends to sell for about $1000 (check price)
128GB PCIe-Based Flash Storage. Apple 13.3″ MacBook Air MMGF2LL/A. 8GB of 1600 MHz LPDDR3 RAM. 1440 x 900 Native Resolution. 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0. Main Features. 13.3″ LED-Backlit Glossy Display.

There’s really not a lot of upgrades you can do for this MacBook Air.


2015 MacBook Air Hard Drive Upgrades

You can upgrade the MacBook Air’s Hard Drive to a larger storage capacity, but it’s not cheap with 256GB SSD Upgrades going for about $250.00 check price and 512GB SSD’s selling for about $350.00 check price

A few other upgrades to consider would be adding a new battery (not sure you need it in a 2015 model) or adding a monitor for more screen real estate.

Apple iMac A1312 27″ Desktop – (I7-2600) (Mid-2011)

Screenshot 2017-05-16 at 10.01.49 AMThis model of Apple iMac seems to sell for about $500 currently.

You can add ram to this iMac up to 32GB (unofficially) at time of release though the max ram amount you could upgrade to was 16GB, according to the max supported by Apple at the time of release.

In 2011 this iMac shipped with a measly 4GB of RAM and  there’s four slots to use so you could add another 4GB to get to 8GB,  or add 3 of them to the original 4GB to get to 16 GB. I don’t really see a need for 32GB in this model as the RAM could cost as much as the computer, but the option is there if need be.

You are better off taking the money you saved on buying just 16GB of RAM for this iMac and upgrading the hard drive to an SSD.  Popular and affordable sizes of SSD’s are 250GB or 500GB. You can upgrade to a 1TB model but it’s pretty pricey still.

This iMac still has a lot of life yet even though it’s starting to show it’s age. Spend about $200 on the RAM and SSD upgrades and this will increase performance considerably  compared to the original specifications on the release date.

RAM Upgrade instructions are here, and the SSD upgrade instructions are here.

image credit: Amazon

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After some time trying to find a jekyll workflow for I’ve decided to go back to using wordpress.

Simply put, it’s just easier. It was a learning process to be sure but I found I spent more time tweaking and screwing around with themes or troubleshooting different and cryptic error messages in github pages when I should actually be working.  The speed of a static jekyll site is like no other and it was kind of cool having your content hosted by google  but in the end I found wordpress works better for me as it allows me to grab a device – any device – and start writing.

The disadvantage is that hosting jekyll was free whereas this costs me a few dollars a month for GoDaddy managed hosting but I can live with it. The advantages of wordpress vs jekyll, for me anyway lean towards wordpress for the time being.

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Mac OS Boot Troubleshooting

I found this link and article about getting help when your Mac won’t boot. It turns out there’s secret keystrokes you an use

This guide is for troubleshooting macOS in the scenario that it can’t boot up.

I have personally encountered a couple of times, frightening scenarios, where my mac somehow could not boot up, or get stuck during login etc. macOS provides many “secret” modes to help to troubleshoot.

Knowing them will be handy in time of crisis.

You will need to hold down certain keys when your machine is powered on to enter these modes. When you hear the startup sound and see the Apple logo, you may release the keys.

2012 Apple Memory Upgrades

2012 Apple Computer Memory Upgrades

ModelProcessorSpeedYearMax RAMCheck Prices
Mac ProQuad Core/8Core2.4-3.2GHz2010/2011/2012128GB[240pin DDR3 1066 DDR]
Mac Pro6/12 Core2.4-3.33GHz2010/2011/2012128GB[240pin DDR3 1066 DDR]
iMac 21.5 InchIntel i3/i5/i72.7-3.3Ghz201216GB204 Pin DDR3 1600
iMac 27 InchIntel i3/i5/i72.9-3.5Ghz201232GB204 Pin DDR3 1600
13” MacBook ProIntel i5/i72.5-2.9GHz201216GBDDR3 1066
15” MacBook ProIntel i72.3-2.7GHz201216GBDDR3 1066
Mac MiniIntel i5/i72.3-2.6GHz2012/16GBDDR3 1600

2011 Apple Memory Upgrades

2011 Apple Computer Memory Upgrades

ModelProcessorSpeedYearMax RAMCheck Prices
Mac ProQuad Core/8Core2.4-3.2GHz2010/2011/2012128GB[240pin DDR3 1066 DDR]
Mac Pro6/12 Core2.4-3.33GHz2010/2011/2012128GB[240pin DDR3 1066 DDR]
iMacIntel i3/i5/i72.5-3.4Ghz201132GB204 Pin DDR3 1333
13” MacBook ProIntel i5/i72.3-2.7GHz201116GBDDR3 1066
13” MacBook ProIntel i5/i72.4-2.8GHz201116GBDDR3 1066
13” MacBook ProIntel i5/i72.5-2.9GHz201116GBDDR3 1066
15” MacBook ProIntel i72.2-2.5GHz201116GBDDR3 1066
17” MacBook ProIntel i72.2-3GHz20118GBDDR3 1333
17” MacBook ProIntel i72.4-2.5GHz20118GBDDR3 1333
Mac MiniIntel i52.3-2.5GHz2011/16GBDDR3 1333

2003 Apple Memory Upgrades

2003 Apple Computer Memory Upgrades

ModelProcessorSpeedYearMax RAMCheck Prices
eMacPowerPC G4800Mhz-1GHz20031GB168Pin PC133 SDRAM
14” iBook G3 ‘White’PowerPC G3900Mhz2003640mb144Pin PC100 SODIMM
12” iBook G4 ‘White’PowerPC G4800Mhz20031.25gb200 Pin DDR PC2100 SODIMM
12” iBook G4 ‘White’PowerPC G41Ghz20031.25gb200 Pin DDR PC2100 SODIMM
14” iBook G4 ‘White’PowerPC G4900Mhz-1GHz20031.25gb200 Pin DDR PC2100 SODIMM
PowerBook G4 12”PowerPC G4867Mhz20031.25GB200Pin PC2100 SODIMM
PowerBook G4 15”PowerPC G41-1.25Ghz20032GB200Pin PC2700 SODIMM
PowerBook G4 17”PowerPC G41Ghz20032GB200Pin PC2700 SODIMM
PowerBook G4 17”PowerPC G41.33Ghz20032GB200Pin PC2700 SODIMM
PowerMac G4 ‘2003’PowerPC G41.42GHz20032GB200 Pin PC2700 DDR
PowerMacPowerPC G51.8-2.7Ghz Dual2003/2004/20058GB184 Pin PC3200 DDR
iMacPowerPC G41-1.25Ghz20032GB200 Pin PC2700 DDR