Answer: About $20.00

I had already written about what it costs for a wireless mouse so now it’s time to write about another computer accessory we all use – the wireless keyboard. Yes, there are wired keyboards but why would you use one of those when you can live a tangle free life?

I’ve found that you can buy a perfectly good wireless keyboard like the Dell KM117 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse combo for actually under twenty bucks which is probably one of the cheapest prices on wireless and mouse combined.

But you get what you pay for and as I am sure the keyboard is acceptable I have lit little faith in the mouse.

What Wireless Keyboard to Choose?

The Arteck 2.4G Wireless Keyboard Stainless Steel Ultra Slim Full Size Keyboard looks like a good choice to me and is just over $20.00 currently. It’s small and comes with a nano receiver and looks like it works just fine according to reviews.

This would be the wireless keyboard I would choose.