Lenovo ThinkPad T430s i5 3320M @ 2.6GHz – 4Gb RAM – DVD\CD-RW – No HDD

Source: Lenovo ThinkPad T430s i5 3320M @ 2.6GHz – 4Gb RAM – DVDCD-RW – No HDD

This Lenovo thinkpad tends to sell for about $100 as configured.

You will need to add more RAM and upgrade the hard drive to get it to top notch condition and performance. There’s some wear on the keyboard too so you might want to consider upgrading. A new battery might be a good idea too.

First, the hard drive. 250GB SSD drives are under $100.

Doubling the ram to 8GB would cost about $50.00. 

If you go with a replacement keyboard you would add another $35.00  

A new battery would cost about $50.00

Lastly, you will need a charger for about $10.00

Total it all up and a fast, thin and light thinkpad from 2012 would cost about $350.00 if you sum up all the upgrades you would need for this computer.