2006 Apple Memory Upgrades

2006 Apple Computer Memory Upgrades

ModelProcessorSpeedYearMax RAMCheck Prices
Mac ProDual Core2.0-3.0GHz200632GB[240pin DDR2 5300 DDR]
iMacIntel Core Duo1.83-2.0hz20062GB200 Pin PC5300
iMacIntel Core Duo21.83-2.33hz20064GB200 Pin PC5300 DDR2
Mac MiniIntel Core1.5-1.67GHz20062GBDDR2 5300
15” MacBook ProIntel Core Duo1.83-2.0Ghz20062GBDDR2 PC5300
15” MacBook ProIntel Core2 Duo2.16-2.3Ghz20063GBDDR2 PC5300
17” MacBook ProIntel Core Duo2.16Ghz20062GBDDR2 PC5300
17” MacBook ProIntel Core2 Duo2.33Ghz20063GBDDR2 PC5300
13” MacBookIntel Core Duo1.83-2.0GHz20062GBDDR2 PC5300
13” MacBookIntel Core2 Duo1.83-2.0GHz20062GBDDR2 PC5300

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