2000 Apple Memory Upgrades

2000 Apple Computer Memory Upgrades

ModelProcessorSpeedYearMax RAMCheck Prices
12” iBook G3 SE ‘Clamshell’PowerPC G3366Mhz2000576mb144Pin PC100 SODIMM
12” iBook G3 Firewire ‘Clamshell’PowerPC G3366Mhz2000576mb144Pin PC100 SODIMM
12” iBook G3 SE Firewire ‘Clamshell’PowerPC G3466Mhz2000576mb144Pin PC100 SODIMM
PowerBook G3 ‘Pismo’PowerPC G3333-400Mhz2000512MB144Pin PC100 SODIMM
PowerMac G4 ‘Dual’PowerPC G4 (Dual)350-500Mhz20002GB168Pin PC100 SDRAM
iMacPowerPC G3350-700MHz1999-20011GB168 Pin PC100 DDR

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