1999 Apple Memory Upgrades

1999 Apple Computer Memory Upgrades

ModelProcessorSpeedYearMax RAMCheck Prices
12” iBook G3 ‘Clamshell’PowerPC G3300Mhz1999576mb144Pin PC100 SODIMM
PowerBook G3 ‘Bronze’PowerPC G3333-400Mhz1999512MB144Pin PC100 SODIMM
PowerMac G4 ‘Yikes’PowerPC G4350-400Mhz19991GB168Pin PC100 SDRAM
PowerMac G4 ‘AGP’PowerPC G4350-500Mhz19992GB168Pin PC100 SDRAM
PowerMac G3 ‘Blue and White’PowerPC G3300-450Mhz19991GB168Pin PC100 SDRAM
iMacPowerPC G3350-700MHz1999-20011GB168 Pin PC100 DDR

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