1995 Apple Memory Upgrades

1995 Apple Computer Memory Upgrades

Model Processor Speed Year Max RAM Check Prices
Quadra 6306804033MHz199568mb72 Pin SIMMS
Performa 6205PPC 60375Mhz199564MB72 Pin SIMMS
Performa 6210PPC 60375Mhz199564MB72 Pin SIMMS
Performa 6214PPC 60375Mhz199564MB72 Pin SIMMS
Performa 6216PPC 60375Mhz199564MB72 Pin SIMMS
Performa 6218PPC 60375Mhz199564MB72 Pin SIMMS
Performa 6220PPC 60375Mhz199564MB72 Pin SIMMS
Performa 6230PPC 60375Mhz199564MB72 Pin SIMMS
Performa 6300PPC 603e100Mhz199564MB72 Pin SIMMS
PowerBook Duo 2300cPowerPC 603e100Mhz199556mbN/A
PowerBook 19068040LC33Mhz199540mbN/A
PowerBook 190cs68040LC33Mhz199540mbN/A
PowerBook 550c6804033Mhz199536mbN/A
PowerMac 7100/66PPC 60166Mhz1994-1995136MB72 Pin SIMMS
PowerMac 7100/66avPPC 60166Mhz1994-1995136MB72 Pin SIMMS
PowerMac 7100/80PPC 60180Mhz1994-1995136MB72 Pin SIMMS
PowerMac 7100/80avPPC 60180Mhz1994-1995136MB72 Pin SIMMS
PowerMac 7200/75PPC 60175Mhz1995256MB168 Pin DIMMS
PowerMac 7200/90PPC 60190Mhz1995256MB168 Pin DIMMS
PowerMac 7200/120PPC 601120Mhz1995256MB168 Pin DIMMS
PowerMac 7500/100PPC 601100Mhz19951GB168 Pin DIMMS
PowerMac 8100/100PPC 601100Mhz1995264MB72 Pin SIMMS
PowerMac 8100/100avPPC 601100Mhz1995264MB72 Pin SIMMS
PowerMac 8500/120PPC 604120Mhz19951GB168 Pin DIMMS
PowerMac 8515/120PPC 604120Mhz19951GB168 Pin DIMMS
PowerMac 9500/120PPC 604120Mhz19951.5GB168 Pin DIMMS
PowerMac 9500/132PPC 604132Mhz19951.5GB168 Pin DIMMS
PowerMac 9515/132PPC 604132Mhz19951.5GB168 Pin DIMMS

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