1993 Apple Memory Upgrades

1993 Apple Computer Memory Upgrades

ModelProcessorSpeedYearMax RAMCheck Prices
Macintosh Color Classic II6803033Mhz199310MB30 Pin SIMMS
Macintosh LCIII6803025Mhz199336mb72 Pin SIMMS
Macintosh LC5206803025Mhz199336Mb72 Pin SIMMS
Macintosh TV6803032Mhz19938Mb72 Pin SIMMS
Macintosh Centris 61068040LC16Mhz199368mb72 Pin SIMMS
Macintosh Centris 61068040LC25Mhz1993128mb72 Pin SIMMS
PowerBook 145b6803025Mhz19938mbN/A
PowerBook 1656803033Mhz199314mbN/A
PowerBook 165c6803033Mhz199314mbN/A
PowerBook 1656803033Mhz199314mbN/A
PowerBook 180c6803033Mhz199314mbN/A
PowerBook Duo 2506803033Mhz199324mbN/A
PowerBook Duo 270c6803033Mhz199324mbN/A
Quadra 60568LC04025Mhz1993132mb72 Pin SIMMS
Quadra 6106804025Mhz199368mb72 Pin SIMMS
Quadra 6506804033MHz1993132mb72 Pin SIMMS
Quadra 660av6804025MHz199368mb72 Pin SIMMS
Quadra 8006804033MHz1993136mb72 Pin SIMMS
Quadra 840av6804040MHz1993128mb[72 Pin SIMMS]

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