memory prices for imac, mac mini and macbook pro and most notebook PC's:

oempcworld4GB $29.70 8GB $59.70 16GB $131.70

How Much Does a Mac Mini Cost?

Mac Mini Prices

Expect to pay from about $499.00 and up for a brand new Mac Mini from Apple in 2016.

The Mac Mini (the current one) comes from Apple in the following configurations:


1.4GHz dual-core Intel Core i5
4GB memory
500GB hard drive1
Intel HD Graphics 5000


2.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5
8GB memory
1TB hard drive
Intel Iris Graphics


2.8GHz dual-core Intel Core i5
8GB memory
1TB Fusion Drive
Intel Iris Graphics

The cheapest Mac Mini you can buy today is $499.00 as a new unit but you may be able to find it cheaper as refurbished model. (as well as the other configurations) Check for refurbished Macs here

The other models offer faster processors, more RAM and in some cases: fusion drives. The last feature is really what you should consider as the most important feature if you want a faster Mac Mini.

The starter model comes from Apple with a spinning 500GB hard drive and it’s a shame because prices on SSD storage has dropped considerably and if Apple had equipped this with even a 128GB ssd (the maximum on most phones) then they would have had a very nice desktop mac with very nice features at a very nice price.

But currently you need to spend another $200 to get the 2.66Ghz Mac Mini and then you are close to spending one thousand dollars on a desktop Mac with a SSD drive which is another $200 upgrade. This begs the question: maybe you should buy a PC instead? Or perhaps just switch to an Apple notebook like the MacBook Air which includes portability and a display keyboard and touchpad too.

Power Users will want the $999.00 model which is a bit faster and inludes the fusion drive as standard but at a thousand dollars is the Mac Mini a deal when you compare it to other small format desktop computers?

I guess that last question is up to you but if you’re looking at the cheapest apple computer you can buy you’re looking at spending **at least ** $$500 for the base configuration

memory prices for imac, mac mini and macbook pro and most notebook PC's:

oempcworld4GB $29.70 8GB $59.70 16GB $131.70


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