Apple iMac Memory Upgrade Prices

ModelProcessorSpeedYearMax RAMCheck Prices
iMacPowerPC G3233-333MHz1998512MB144 Pin PC100 DDR
iMacPowerPC G3350-700MHz1999-20011GB168 Pin PC100 DDR
iMacPowerPC G4700-800Mhz20021GB144 Pin PC133 DDR
iMacPowerPC G41-1.25Ghz20032GB200 Pin PC2700 DDR
iMacPowerPC G51.6-2Ghz20042GB184 Pin PC3200 DDR2
iMacPowerPC G51.9-2.1hz20052GB240 Pin PC4200 DDR2
iMacIntel Core Duo1.83-2.0hz20062GB200 Pin PC5300
iMacIntel Core Duo21.83-2.33hz20064GB200 Pin PC5300 DDR2
iMacIntel Core Duo22.0-2.8Ghz20076GB200 Pin PC5300 DDR2
iMacIntel Core Duo22.4-3.06Ghz20086GB200 Pin PC6400 DDR2
iMacIntel Core Duo22.66-3.06Ghz20098GB204 Pin DDR3 1066
iMacIntel i5/i72.66-3.3Ghz200916GB204 Pin DDR3 1066
iMacIntel i3/i5/i72.8-3.6Ghz201032GB204 Pin DDR3 1333
iMacIntel i3/i5/i72.5-3.4Ghz201132GB204 Pin DDR3 1333
iMac 21.5 InchIntel i3/i5/i72.7-3.3Ghz201216GB204 Pin DDR3 1600
iMac 27 InchIntel i3/i5/i72.9-3.5Ghz201232GB204 Pin DDR3 1600
iMac 21.5 InchIntel i3/i5/i72.7-3.1Ghz201316GB204 Pin DDR3 1600
iMac 27 InchIntel i3/i5/i72.9-3.5Ghz201332GB204 Pin DDR3 1600
Mac 27 Inch Retinal 5KIntel i5/i73.5-4.0Ghz201432GB204 Pin DDR3 1600

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