Ramjet launches 2011 MacBook Pro RAM upgrades – First to Market

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Ramjet MacBook Memory
The day of the release of the new MacBook Pro, Ramjet is the first memory vendor to offer the compatible DDR3-1333 RAM upgrades. Two upgrade options are available. The 4GB single SO-DIMM upgrades the MacBook Pro to 6GB, and an 8GB Kit (2x 4GB modules) which brings the MacBook up to its 8GB memory maximum.

The prices are significantly lower than the Apple price, with the 4GB module at $89.99, and the 8GB kit at $149.99. There is also a $40 trade-in rebate for the original 4GB that comes with the machine, which brings the total cost down to $109.99 for the 8GB upgrade.

All Ramjet memory comes with a lifetime warranty. Modules are in stock, available for immediate shipment.

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