I have been blowing off writing this about page for fifteen years, because I really don’t like talking about myself and most of  these profiles and about pages I read are kind of useless anyway.

But, here we are.

I started ramseeker as a hobby site back in 1997 when geocities and AOL disks were a thing, and Google was that new search engine you should try.

I am closing in on comparing ram prices for Apple computers for almost twenty years now, but I doubt that this will continue much further as newer and newer computers from Apple are shipping with soldered in RAM that is not upgradeable. There’s a good chance that if you bought your computer after 2012 you won’t be able to upgrade the ram.

This has been happening for quite some time and now there are more models in Apple’s current lineup that don’t take a memory upgrade than those that do. But there’s still a lot of older Macs out there still in circulation and ram is pretty cheap still compared to a decade ago when a ram upgrade costs upwards or even over a thousand dollars for 1GB.

Now you’re hard pressed to spend $100 on a 8gb ram upgrade, and this is a good thing. RAM is now cheap. 

When I started ramseeker.com I never thought it would have been as popular as it was in the early 2000’s when adding more RAM mattered a lot more than it did today with newer and newer operating systems that have been designed to sip the stuff compared to old OS’s of the day.  In 2015, 16GB of RAM is all you will ever need.

So, now what? 

I could sell this site, but I’m kind of fond of it.

Like Dan at Low End Mac, ramseeker.com has seen better days (and a lot more ads and traffic) and now is just a hobby site once again for the most part because ram prices don’t change that much and there’s not the demand there once was.

And this leaves me with today: I am going to start writing more and more here on ramseeker. In the past year or so there really hasn’t been much new happening here and I want that to change and add more content to the site. I think that content is the future for this site and  sadly the current state of the content is both sad and few.

I will probably still write about tech and Apple because both topics are true to my heart, but there’s been other topics I want to write about too, and I plan on spending a lot more time writing about mobile or other modern topics rather than one more article about the advantages of a ram upgrade (hint - your Mac will love you for it)

I am hoping that over time my writing will get better as I find my ‘voice’, whatever that may be. I’m days away from entering my 50th year on this planet and one thing I want to do  on my bucket list is write more and I might as well do it here rather than start fresh with a brand new site.

As I write this, I have no idea on the topics I will write about, but I can tell you I don’t really want to become a deal site or a news site. I don’t want to be glued to my computer like I once was and both of  these topics have been done for a very long time by folks much better than I could ever do.

But I have some thoughts and ideas for articles I want to write and I may just sprinkle in some news I find interesting and deals that might interest you. I also want to start linking out to some sites in the Apple community. I feel that there’s not as much of this as there once was and if for no other reason I can write about the site or resource and then find it later here when I search for it.

Ultimately, with just 2 short years left until ramseeker’s 20th anniversary I would like to have this site offer more value.  My goal when I started ramseeker was not to make money but to help others save money on RAM and I think I have done very well with this task.

The next goal will see if I can write well enough to garner any sort of regular audience. It’s been said that you’re a success if you have 1000 true fans. With the back button just a click away and so many devices and distractions in your every day, this will be quite the task to attract a few eyeballs with my words, let alone 1000.

If you have any comments or suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact me at jim @ ramseeker.com

Thanks for visiting

Feel free to contact me: jim@ramseeker.com