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I’ve been tracking and monitoring prices on PC RAM for about ten years now, if not longer. I started back in the late ’90’s or early 2000’s with SDRAM PC133 DIMMS and PC100 SDRAM DIMMS. As the technology changed and PC RAM got more advanced with the release of newer and faster PC models, it only made sense that I continue to track the newer PC RAM Prices.

What started as a website that just tracked Mac RAM, I now track PC RAM but admittedly, I do need to add DDR3 RAM to the PC side on ramseeker, but due to the economic crisis in 2008, that hasn’t been fiscally feasable. It does cost money to track PC RAM and  over the years the budget for development has diminished.


Crucial PC RAM

Crucial PC RAM

The types  of PC RAM  I do track are all types, including ECC (which stands for ERROR CORRECTION) and REGISTERED which just means that these two types of memory modules have been tested to tighter specs than the standard memory and are meant for use where mission critical computations and 100 percent uptime are needed, such as a web host or intranet server where downtime can cost major loss of productivity and income to some companies. These companies obviously want to invest in the higher quality memory upgrades that the Registered and ECC PC RAM modules bring with them.

I would love to offer you readers a memory configurator   or scan my system as you see on some other websites that sell memory. As I just track the prices on PC RAM and don’t have any profit margins on the ram that you buy I find the configurator is not cost efficient. I did research the cost of matching a configurator system to memory types and and models but the price was just too much.

What has started out as a hobby site listing a few price in a a table  of memory stores and vendors for Mac memory has grown in to PC RAM  although the faithful ramseeker readers I do have all come from the Mac community, as  I was one of the first to track memory prices online. First with Mac RAM, and in later years with PC RAM as well.

If you do need RAM for your PC, be sure to check the PC RAM side for you memory needs for such PC manufacturers as HP, SONY, DELL, Toshiba and Others. Most times you will visit ramseeker looking for memory for your windows system notebook as over the past few years notebook computers have become more popular  over time and those looking to upgrade their PC’s with more RAM usually choose notebook PC Memory.

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