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How to Upgrade Apple Mac Pro 2.66 dual core memory and ram

The Apple Mac Pro 2.66 dual core uses PC2-5300 DDR SDRAM DIMMS and comes  from the factory with just a lousy 1GB of RAM installed which by today’s standards are pretty small and not much use.  But the good news is this particular  Mac Pro from Apple can be upgraded  – both hard drives and ram – but today I want to talk about the ram upgrades for the Apple Mac Pro 2.66 dual core processor and we’ll leave the hard drive upgrades for another day.

So far we have determined that the Mac Pro can be upgraded, we know what  type of RAM it uses and also that it can take  32gb or ram installed. What we don’t know yet  – and this is important – is that this Mac Pro must have it’s memory upgrades installed in matched pairs. That’s two at a time.

So possible memory configurations for the Apple Mac Pro 2.66 dual core could be 1GB, (already comes from apple that way), 2gB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, anda finally 32GB of memory can be installed with this computer model.

I also want you to be aware that most memory vendors online, or stores that sell ram either carry and price the memory modules individually or as memory upgrade kits. As you need to buy the memory two at a time anyway, you might as well buy two memory upgrades in matched pairs, but you can do the math and buy individually too .

Lucky for you, I list memory upgrades for both memory upgrade kits for Apple Mac Pro 2.66GHz and also Apple Mac Pro 2.66GHz memory modules so you can visit both pages and choose whatever suits you best.

However you choose to buy memory for your Apple Mac Pro 2.66GHz, be sure to buy them two at a time. You also have eight slots for memory upgrades with each memory bank being containing two memory slots, so you have lots of room for memory upgrades as this is  a professional desktop computer from apple and no corners have been cut  with ram upgrade options.

I do suggest whatever your budget – the Mac Pro RAM can be pricey – that you buy it from one  of the memory vendors I recommend as it’s cheaper than the memory you will find  from Apple   (and in some cases, the same I’ve found) .

Good luck in upgrading the ram and memory in your Apple Mac Pro 2.66GHz Dual Core

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