What is the Sweet Spot for HP Envy RAM?

October 19, 2011

The HP envy is a fast notebook computer from HP designed for the professional notebook user in mind. Sure, there are cheaper notebooks from HP that do the job when it comes to the simple stuf like web browsing and social networking, but if you want to play games or get work done you need a more powerful processor the HP Envy provides.

Take the popular HP ENVY 14-2050SE Beats Special Edition notebook for example. This HP Envy notebook already comes with 6GB of RAM as default memory and if your notebook computing needs are light you can stop reading right here. **6GB of RAM is enough for web surfing or blogging or any other lighter computer task.

HP Envy SSD Deals

But, if you need to do some work or play games the maximum RAM for this particular notebook tops out at 16GB of RAM, but this ram upgrade for HP Envy’s is still a tad pricey at $600 or so and so you’re much better off if you limit your HP Envy RAM needs to 8GB for the time being.

If you want to save money and seeing as this particular HP Envy already ships with 6GB when shipped from HP you could forgo a ram upgrade altogether as there’s really little difference between 6GB of RAM and 8GB for HP Envy notebooks. Even though RAM for HP Envy notebooks are pretty cheap, you would be much better off forgetting about a RAM upgrade for HP notebooks and installing a solid state drive into your HP Envy laptop instead if you feel the need to maximize the performance of your HP laptop.

The benefits of a faster solid state hard drive far outweigh any advantage you would see by adding just 2GB of RAM to a 6GB equipped HP notebook already. But, by swapping out the factory HP envy drive with the faster SSD you’ll spend just a bit more as quality name brand SSD drives are on sale for about $100 these days and up. Still a bit pricey, but when compared to the cost of 16GB for HP envy, the solid state drive is the best upgrade for the HP notebook you can buy in 2011.

Wait until we’re a few months into 2012 at least before you consider upgrading the HP envy RAM to the maximum of 16GB allowed and just get by with the 6GB for now. Save your money for a much cheaper 16GB ram upgrade next year as the prices for 8GB laptop memory will continue to drop to a more stable level and buy a cheap solid state hard drive  instead if you want to upgrade you  HP envy notebook.