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What is the Best Amount of Computer Memory?

8GB Memory is the most affordable and most popular computer memory upgrade today

The answer to this question changes over the years, and ten years ago 1GB of RAM seemed like an unthinkable  amount of  computer ram to have installed and the price was just as unthinkable with it not uncommon to see RAM upgrades for 1GB  sell for one thousand dollars or more, but in 2011 not only have the memory modules gotten bigger over time, they have also gotten cheaper over time too, which means you spend  less money for more RAM upgrades now than ever before.

The good news for  most computer users is that  today’s computers ship with enough RAM to run the installed applications such as Windows 7 or Mac OSX and usually a web browser or two and for some every day computer users who just need to check the  weather and browse facebook then the factory  installed RAM is more than ample of an upgrade as we get closer and  closer to location free computing thanks to being able to work in the cloud.

But for the rest of us who like to get some work done, or play games  or edit videos  – the more RAM you have , the better. There’s no such thing as having too much RAM.

Out of the box, notebook computers, probably the best selling computer today ship from the factory with 3 or 4GB of RAM already installed but  most notebooks today can use up to 8GB  of RAM with a few high powered graphics or business notebooks being able to accept 16GB of RAM, but the average and best selling ram upgrade is the 8GB DDR3 SDRAM memory upgrade kit.

8GB of RAM for desktop or notebooks in 2011 is the current sweet spot for memory upgrades. 4GB ram, while cheaper than 8GB obviously doesn’t double the RAM in your computer which is what you’re trying to do when you’re ready to buy RAM and 16GB RAM isn’t priced affordably enough yet to make the cost worthwhile for all but a few power users or early adapters to the bigger 8GB memory sodimms that are required as most notebooks can’t hold more than two memory upgrade modules at  a time.

8GB Memory Prices

8GB DDR3 sodimms are the best selling and  most popular memory upgrade to date for computers, especially notebook and laptop computers

8GB Kits
16GB Kits
Data Memory Systems$92.00$95.00$184.00
Exit Technologies 98.00$90.00$196.00
Other World Computing$101.99$101.99$199.99




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  1. If I have a Dell xps 17 with only two ram slots, will I be able to install one of the newer 8gb sodimms once the price comes down? Or does the computer specifically have to support the larger memory sticks? Thanks

    • Usually, the computer has to support the RAM. In some instances, you can squeeze more memory into a notebook than specified, but I can’t recommend it as this may void your warranty. I’d stick with max that Dell recommends.

  2. Thank you. I actually just bought the laptop, thinking that it came with 4 slots but it only has 2. Should I be concerned that 8g will not be enough, say, 4 years from now? I’m hoping it will be a good performer for 4 years. I am a teacher but I multitask with several browsers open, Word, Powerpoint and sometimes Photoshop. I already invested in a 120g SSD and I’m hoping that will make the 8gig limitation less of a problem. Thanks.

    • 4 years from now is a long time, especially when it comes to computers, memory or hard drives. I wouldn’t worry too much about having only 8GB of RAM too much and just enjoy the Dell today. There will always be bigger, better and faster down the line, but 8GB is more than enough for what you want to do.

  3. Thanks again. Not to beat a dead horse, but I ask because I still have the option to send it back and pay $150 to get a better video card and 2 more ram slots. I don’t game so the current video card is fine, and I’m somewhat concerned that a faster one would increase power consumption and heat generation. I’m just looking for someone to reassure me that 8g should be enough for the next few years, otherwise I could upgrade if it was worth it. Thanks.

    • If you don’t game, or need the advanced graphics I would just fill what you have with 8GB of RAM and forget about it. Take the $150 you’d save on the upgrade and add the savings of the additional RAM and you’ve got a couple hundred dollars towards buying your next Dell in a few years. If you’re not really pushing the performance of your Dell notebook with your current computing needs, I would say that the trouble in returning a computer and ordering an installing more memory wouldn’t be worth the effort, and long term you’re better applying that savings towards your next notebook computer purchase in 2015 or so.