1. Tony

    I really recommend you wait for the 2012 Macbook Pro. The redesign would probably blow you away. The macbook air’s update is good, but its not a redesign. Just wait, its only a few more months away


  2. Thanks, Jim for this post. I am in a similar situation – headed back to grad school in September 2011 and “need/want” a new MBP. My wife and I are currently sharing my 2007 version so we would like to get one asap. But it does seem most wise and affordable to go ahead and wait till what, max February 2012? for the new release. UGH it’s so hard to wait…

  3. Martin

    Nice article Jim, I’m reading it as I’m in the same situation! My 2007 MBP has already had it’s hard drive die (at the time I was browsing for solid state drives!) so I took the plunge, opened it up and stuck a 128Gb solid state. It was like having a new laptop, amazing speed difference. Now the trackpad is dying on me slowly, seems to be sticking when my hands get too hot (!). So, I’m back to the point of do I replace the trackpad, or buy a new laptop. I’m moving down from a 17 inch to something more portable, maybe with an external display, so now I am stuck between the new Air and waiting for 2012 MBP. Waiting is winning so far but I’m visiting the US in December (I’m in Europe) so the better prices / exchange rates may just make me buy over there….

    Decisions, decisions …. but at least they are nice decisions!


  4. Hi,
    Is it really possible to upgrade a 2008 2.2GZ MBP to 8 GB?
    Ive checked the link your provided:
    “Who would have thought that when my current 2008 MacBook Pro was new that you would be able to buy 8GB of RAM for about $60? It was unthinkable at the time. ”
    But when I check compatibility it shows that it’s no-good.
    Any clues or tips?
    Jose Lopez Hernandez

  5. Peter

    Would they release a new MBP before their new OS X Mountain Lion? It wouldn’t make sense if they did, well only one way it would. Excellent marketing. MBP with OS Lion, then a little later MBP with OS Mountain Lion

  6. Peter

    P.S. OS Mountain Lion is set for Summer 2012


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