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MacBook Pro 4GB vs 8GB: What is the Difference Between The Two Memory Sizes?

4GB, Obviously.

But I’m going to assume that when you ask what the difference is between 4GB of RAM for MacBook Pro and 8GB of MacBook RAM it’s due to the fact that you’re talking about the best prices for MacBook Memory and you want to know what RAM you should buy for your MacBook Pro and whether it’s worth the added cost to make the upgrade from 4GB  to 8GB, or if you really need to upgrade the MacBook Pro then 16GB of MacBook Pro Memory, but this last option is still very pricey with a street price of $1600 – almost the same as the cost of the cheapest MacBook Pro – the Apple 13 inch MacBook Pro.
Data Memory Systems$92.00$170.00
Exit Technologies$90.00$196.00
Other World Computing$102.99$199.99

8GB Kits
16GB Kits
Data Memory Systems$92.00$95.00$184.00
Exit Technologies 98.00$90.00$196.00
Other World Computing$101.99$101.99$199.99

As all currently shipping MacBook Pros come out of the box with 4GB of memory already installed you really can only consider the 8GB Apple MacBook Pro Memory Upgrade Kits consisting of two 4GB DDR3 SDRAM 1333Mhz so-dimms to be the only upgrade option when it comes to uprading your MPB with more RAM.

When it comes to pricing differences between 4GB for Apple MacBook Pro Memory the cost difference is about half and rather than tell you a price on MacBook Pro RAM, that will be outdated by the time  you read this article, I’ll show you instead as the ram prices for MacBook Pros below are constantly updated so you can always get the best price on Apple MacBook Pro memory upgrades:

Best MacBook Pro RAM Prices

A MacBook Pro RAM Upgrade is one of the cheapest, easiest upgrades you can perform on your professional Mac notebook and with 8GB RAM for MacBook Pro available for under $100, this is a pretty easy upgrade to consider. I recommend it.

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  1. I have a question, please. Which is a better strategy when buying a 17″ Apple Mac Pro–higher RAM lower hard disk memory or higher hard disk memory and lower RAM? Thanks.

    • I’d go with as much RAM as possible, but my storage space needs are relatively small. But RAM has the tendency to increase your MacBook Pro’s performance, and as is the case with standard hard drives anyway, you don’t get as much of a speed increase by adding a bigger hard drive.

  2. does the macbook pro 13 inch 2011 come with two 2 gig rams in it or one 4 gig ram in it?

    im wondering if i need to get the two 4 gig rams or just one 4 gig ram to make it have an 8 gig ram upgrade?