1. Stephen

    Your (or any Apple Product for that matter) won’t be worthless after 3 years. Take a look on Ebay or other classified sites- even 3 year old Apple products command a premium if you sell it yourself. A 3 year old Dell or HP on the other hand- would be virtually worthless.

  2. backman

    First you can buy Applecare on Ebay for half that price.
    I call Apple all the time for odd little things.
    But I am the poster boy for Applecare. I had a 2 year old 24″ iMac which was eating hard drives (I have owned over 20 Macs over the years). They replaced the computer. Yes I had to suffer the disappointment that they no longer made the 24″, would I mind if they replaced it with a 27″? Oh next disappointment they no longer stock and use the 500 GB HD, would I mind a 1T? Oh they standard video card in the new 27″ is better than the current card, but your card was the top of the line soooooo there is a better card than the card that is better than you card, but you will have to wait 4 days.

    Now when you are getting into all the “I make more money blah blah”, it sounds like you need to call your tax attorney (call probably more than Applecare!) and ask about the tax deductions relative to a new machine.

    However, I buy my Applecare from Ebay. I have it currently on 3 of 5 whoops 6 oh yes and the iBarbie iBook make that 7 Macs I have. Half price and Apple accepts it just fine.
    Buy the standard of anything upgrade your own ram, does not void warranty or applecare. But I am a fan of Applecare.


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