The Price of RAM

For the most part, the price of RAM is pretty much the same from most vendors. Some stores feel the need to be the low ram price leader and they come and go because after a while they can’t keep on selling the ram so cheap and they either raise their ram prices or sadly go out of business. If you’re a regular here you’ll notice a few memory stores that are not here any more..

RAM Prices get lower and lower the longer I am in this crazy business of monitoring or tracking memory prices from memory stores that I guarantee will be happy to help you with your memory upgrade questions.Over the years, thirteen to be exact – I have watched the price of ram do one thing: drop


Cheap Apple MacBook Pro Memory

But year over year the newer apple models are announced like the new iMac models that require 1333 MHz RAM as opposed to the older iMacs (by older, I mean last week) that used 1066MHz.

Not so much any more, and actually this is a bad example as the 1333MHz and 1066MHz are pretty much priced the same – perhaps due to just the minor speed bump  I don’t know but usually ram prices for the bigger memory modules, for example 4GB are really pricey to start but over time the prices drop.

Quite the ram price drop eh? From $90 to $40 . That’s quite the memory price reduction in such a short time period.  And this happens again and again. When Powerbook G4’s could first accept 1GB the price for 1GB of RAM was in the thousands of dollars – and what is it now? About the same price as buying you and a friend a cup of coffee at starbucks. How times change.

The moral of this story: If you can, wait to upgrade your RAM.  RAM prices will always drop over the years.

You’ll notice I said if you can. If all you’re doing is email and facebook and time is not money you probably can afford to wait a bit….

But I have never ever regretted buying and installing the most memory I can, regardless of price. I’ll never get the money back for the dollars I spent on my ram, but I was rewarded with mac after mac after mac that just worked and ran so smooth I forgot about the  RAM and the Price of RAM.

I was happily computing day after day and that’s just priceless to me.