Highest RAM Prices

August 26, 2010

I know when usually shopping for memory or RAM it’s natural to want to shop for the lowest price you can possibly find on memory upgrades but it’s fun (to me anyway) to look at how much people will pay for memory and RAM.

Take 64GB for the Apple Mac Pros for example. That’s a whole lot of ram for just one computer and you will pay for the the chance to fill your Mac Pro from Apple with RAM. You’ll pay dearly too. Almost $3000 for ram upgrades  and I think it’s the highest ram price I have ever listed here on ramseeker.

I’ve come close a few times and when those new iMacs were released a few years back the news sites  and the mac web in general were all a twitter about how much ram costs.  At the time to upgrade your iMac would cost you about $1000 which considering the iMac computer itself isn’t that much more money, it’s a lot to spend  on ram and  definitely the most money you could spend in the history of the Apple  iMac on Memory Upgrades.

But as I’ve seen over and over and over again – If you can wait  to upgrade your memory than maybe it’s not a bad idea. For some models, it’s probably best to just max out your ram now while you can. For MacBook Pro memory and almost any PC notebook too that takes the DDR3 1066 ram you can fill the computer chock full of memory for under $250 and I suggest you do.

But a  good rule of thumb to follow is that if your ram upgrade costs $1000 or more, figure out if the cost of the ram upgrade can actually pay for itself. It’s one thing to drop $100 on ram so that facebook loads  a bit faster in your browser, but another when you have to spend  $1000 or more for memory for the same task.

But, if you’re making money with your comptuter it might be the best money you ever spent on ram upgrades if you will become  more efficient in your work due to the increase of ram in your computer. Even a three thousand dollar ram upgrade works out to $250 a month, which considered to other expenses for your business might be the biggest bargain ever – even if your ram upgrade is one of the highest ram prices currently available.