April 28, 2016 | writing

A Look Back at the Apple Cube

a few resources for Apple Cube Fans:

CubeOwner Portal

Cube Owner is a forum for fans of the Apple Cube, and MacWorld Magazine has a great look at what some might consider Apple’s biggest flop.

Behold the G4 Cube, Apple’s most epic computer ever

And of course if you’re looking for ram upgrades for the Cube, they are here

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HP's new Chromebook 13 ships with 16GB of RAM

Do you really need 16GB of RAM in a Chromebook? It seems like overkill. I have a 2GB and 4GB Chromebook and to be honest, I don’t see any difference in performance.

Also, the price - that’s MacBook territory, and a pretty expensive ram upgrade to go from 4GB to 16GB

HP’s new Chromebook 13 is a Pixel for everybody

Only the top of the range model gets 16GB of RAM, paired with a Core m7-6Y75 for $1,029. Shipments are expected to start next month.

If you can live with 4GB, there’s a $499.00 version.

Still, it’s a nice looking machine.

April 28, 2016 | link

Stay - Keep Your Mac Windows Where You Want Them

Stay, by Cordless Dog keeps your windows on your Mac where you want them:

Cordless Dog: Stay

Stay ensures that your windows are always where you want them to be, even as you connect and disconnect displays.

April 27, 2016 | link

2016 MacBook 1.3GHz versus iPad Pro

Bare Feats has a fun comparison with the new MacBook and an iPad pro when it comes to what machine is actually faster. Hit the link to find out:

2016 MacBook 1.3GHz versus iPad Pro

April 27, 2016 | link

Build A Blog With Jekyll And GitHub Pages – Smashing Magazine

This is the article that started me wanting to research more about changing my site back to a static design once again.

Build A Blog With Jekyll And GitHub Pages – Smashing Magazine

Tom Preston-Werner created Jekyll to enable people to blog using a simple static HTML website, with all of the content hosted and version-controlled on GitHub. The goal was to eliminate the complexity of other blogging platforms by creating a workflow that allows you to blog like a hacker.

April 27, 2016 | link

Website Speed Test

Pingdom Tools is the first page I visit to test the speed of my site. With the new design and the fact that my site is now static and not on wordpress any longer, I have page load speeds down to less than a second, compared to the few seconds it was taking for the wordpress install.

Website speed test

We built this Website Speed Test to help you analyze the load speed of your websites and learn how to make them faster. It lets you identify what about a web page is fast, slow, too big, what best practices you’re not following, and so on. We have tried to make it useful both to experts and novices alike.

In short, we wanted it to be a easy-to-use tool to help webmasters and web developers everywhere optimize the performance of their websites.

April 27, 2016 | link

PowerMac G5 Upgrades

G5 Center is a site dedicated to the PowerMac G5 and has some suggestions on what you can do to upgrade Apple’s Desktop computer of years gone by:

Hardware - G5 Center

Launched in 2003, the Power Mac G5 was the king of Apple’s lineup for about three years, moving from single CPU models to an eventual dual core and quad core lineup. The G5 was discontinued in 2006 to make way for Apple’s switch to Intel processors. If you get your hands on one or keep one lying around for video or legacy projects, you’ll find that it still packs a solid punch for a ten year old computer. Below are some suggestions on how to maximize your Power Mac to extend its life.

I’ve always wanted one of these but at the time a new one was still too expensive, but now that ugprades are affordable and the computer itself has dropped in price, now is the time to search for one.

April 27, 2016 | link

A Better Apple Charger Design

This is one of those great ideas that Apple should have had, but it took a 3rd party to design and sell. This side facing plug is a great idea.

Blockhead - Turn your charger so it fits in more places

Blockhead snaps on to your existing Apple charger, allowing it to sit flat against the wall. Now it can fit in more places than ever.

April 27, 2016 | link

How to Build a Jekyll Blog with Github Pages

This is the article that started me down the road to thinking about ditching wordpress and using Jekyll as my new blogging tool of choice.

This is time well spent learning how to do this, as you get a free website hosting and plain text sites are much faster than a wordpress site too.

Jekyll takes your content written in Markdown, passes it through your templates and spits it out as a complete static website, ready to be served. GitHub Pages conveniently serves the website directly from your GitHub repository so that you don’t have to deal with any hosting.

April 26, 2016 | link

Google Tag Manager v2 Tutorial Part 1 - Amazee Metrics

I just used this tutorial to set up external link tracking for ramseeker.com and I think I’ve got it setup right. It’s a bit of a learning curve, but if you follow the instructions it’s pretty easy to setup analytics to track the outbound links.

Google Tag Manager v2 Tutorial Part 1 - Amazee Metrics

Last year we published a Google Tag Manager Guide to help you start using Google Tag Manager for event tracking.  Since then, Google has upgraded all Google Tag Manager accounts to Version 2.  This updated Google Tag Manager tutorial contains revised information about how to use the new GTM v2 to track important events on your website like link clicks, downloads, and form submissions.